Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Holy Crap, multiple photos

Well, never mind about the post below. Photo Blogger works again. I found that i have to go to another website while it downloads and then it works. Everyone is having problems so I am not alone.
Last weekend I went to a wedding in St. Louis. Of course the bike came along and we set out on one of the 100 degree days onto the dusty Katy Trail along the Missouri River. Ya, ya, ya. Read the post below. Pimp my Ride!
These two dudes were standing alongside the Katy Trail. Apparently these Lewis and Clark dudes used the Missouri River to map out our unchartered territories. Trading beaver pelts for some of that special tobacco the Natives had. Hell, Lewis and Clark must have been killing a crap load of Beavers to keep up.
There was a sign below this statue that said, "Please do not climb on Lewis and Clark." I have never climbed on any statue especially Lewis and Clark. Well, there was that bear in Freisling Germany. A few to many Dunkel Weisses.
Ciao -Ian

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