Saturday, August 26, 2006

I suck Nationally

O.k, I am being a little hard on myself. Last weeekend was the USCF Elite National Crit. Championships in Downers Grove, Illinois. I woke up the morning of the race with a pretty stiff back but figured it would shake out by race time. During the race I felt strong but simply could not hold position. Once I got up near the front with 10 laps to go I got caught behind a crash leaving me in the back again. I worked my way back up but just didn't have the nerve for the day. What is up with everyone on the brakes in a crit? Anyway, congrats to Steve Tilford. I wish he would have pulled it off. My pick for the USPRO ITT. Tom "THOR" Zirbel. Power! This guy has caused SRM to put a 5th digit on their power displays. I hope he puts it to Baldwin and all those other whiners.
Nick.......NIck.......NICk.......NICK! Big congrats! Crazy. Go to for more of this fairytale, once-in-a-lifetime-story. Best wishes to the both of you
Has anyone seen this man? Or at least who this board once belonged to? Yep, "Gator" is probably still in prison. Beating women over the head with "The Club" is not an acceptable social practice. Still, bad ass board. I used to have a pair of "Gator" shorts. Ah, those were the days.

Well, I am racing part of the Devils Head race at the WORS race this weekend. As many of you know, my Trek Fuel has been out of service with some sort of mystery illness. Last week Scott Sherman got the bike to Trek for them to "take a chance" on riding it. I hope they had good health insurance and enjoy 11 weeks in a "figure 8" collarbone brace. Careful guys. She'll buck you hard. A little facing, a little tweaking, a little scratching of the heads, a little of the big question mark appearing over their heads, and a new 2007 XTR crankset and they think they have it solved. I guess I will find out tomorrow in the Cross Country race. If it continues then Trek will take the bike back, but as they said "then we are at a total loss." So, I think I should start a petition for "Give Ian a new 07 Fuel SL or Fuel 9.9 for all the hassles this year." Would you sign it? Ciao -Ian


Anonymous said...

Check out the movie Stoked ( You won't be disappointed.

Tristan Schouten said...

I'll sell ya mine at the end of the year!

Ian Stanford said...

Oh no. Next year is a Fuel 9.9 if Trek builds enough of them. Luckily, mine works now.....sort of.

Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate a bit on the sort of?

Ian Stanford said...

No, the "sort of" is simply due to a need for new rear deraileur cables. As far as my chain skipping in the middle ring.......Trek got that problem solved. New cables today.