Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well, Blogger's photo crap is still crap so I could only post one photo. Personally, I am not going to tell the story today because some A-hole in my apartment took my damn Fedex package. I was able to find out who signed for it and, of course, it is my sketchy neighbors who smoke cigarettes all day and yell slang words at their kids in between puffs. This was a box of protein replacement meal stuff so I am sure that they could drink on that for weeks, sell their food stamps to get a bottle pf Phillips 5-Star brandy, a carton of Parliments, and a few cases of Mountain Dew instead. Seriously, I know stereotypes are bad but this is one that has come to life. It is real. I have nicknamed one of the kids "Pig Pen" because he (or she?) has not had a bath in weeks. I mean this child is dirty. ya ya ya, I am a Criminal Justice Major and I should intervene but I can't. See, there is no actual physical abuse. Social services can't do anything until I see the mother or whatever that thing is smack he children. Trust me, it will happen and I will be all over that.  Posted by Picasa


CXKing said...

Did you get your stuff back from them? If not, you should try the old college dorm trick of leaning a garbage can filled with water against their door so when they open it they get a flood. It's a classic.

Eric O. said...

congratz on the natz.Now there will be 9 stars and strips jerseys that I know of roaming around in the midwest races.Way to represent on home turf.