Monday, August 14, 2006

Yea, Tool Time

Today was a success in that I got three tickets for the Sept. 19th Tool concert at the Kohl Center in Madison. Level one in the back but this is a smaller venue so they are good seats. I had no idea that there was a show there. Why? Because I am an idiot and did not pay attention, and Ticket Master didn't get the ticket sale rights for this show. Had I paid attention I could have got something on the floor. Who cares, I am going. I am after the sound.
Another photo from the Ore to Shore from
This shot is pretty early in the race and I think we were already chasing Simonson at this point. Lammo. I didn't ride Sunday because my bike didn't feel like it. I didn't ride today because we both didn't feel like it. Tomorrow it will be game on again. My calves have been ungodly sore since the Ore to Shore. Pedalling in all that sand just beats your legs and back. I am sore. Instead, I did 3-hours of trail work on the Holzinger trails here in Winona today. Downed trees, erosion, trash, etc. Sometimes the trail work is more taxing than riding the finished product. -Ian

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trail work. It was rippin' good up there today! Scott S.