Friday, September 01, 2006

The end of an era

First off, if you are a cyclist you need to eat. I took this photo from Jason Sager's site, which he got from Cyclingnews. If you have ever seen Tommy D in person then you already know that he has scurvy or something. Thin as a stick. "Skinnybutt" as he is also known. O.k, now compare Tom (who is the front rider) to the dude behind him. What in the hell? It is week one at the Vuelta and this dude is already stitching his chest daily from where his ribs are popping out. Food my man, food. Eat some. He has those "chick anorexia legs." Zabel. My man. Thanks for boosting the morale of the old guys of cycling. A win at the Vuelta
The era? The Nature Valley Elite Team of the past few years is no more. While this does not mean the total demise of the team Doug and Dan Swanson, Mean Dawg, and Micah are all heading on to bluer waters. I wish them the best. I think everyone on the team all kind of sensed that this was the last year together. We won every Minnesota State title and maybe we needed new challenges and new motivations. For me? No idea. Maybe I will stay, maybe I will find a new team, maybe I will start a team or maybe I will stop racing competitively. Who knows? I have other Fish to Fry at the moment. Let me get done with that task and then I will take a look around.
Trek fixed my Fuel 110. It worked well at Devil's Head. I contaminated the rear shift cable loop on the first lap through the puddle and that took care of any smooth shifting in the rear. But the front no longer slips. Matt Gutowski at Trek hooked it all up and even put on a new XTR crankset. Yep, 07. If you have problems with the chain popping on your middle ring under pressure on your Fuel let me know. I will give you some ideas as to what to do.
Devil's Head was decided on at the last minute. A week of interval work brought on some serious dead legs. Add that to the 40 hours of standing at work and I should have raced with crutches. Still, I had fun and took it easy. I am not really looking for anything broken on myself or my bike anymore. Not at this point in the season anyhow. There are some good trails at Devil's Head. Just watch out for the Gestapo that works there. Money$$$ money$$$$$ money$$$$. That is what they are all about done there.
Seth, Chris and his wife, and myself did the Poker Night ride while there. We won and scored a Night Rider Evolution Smart light set each. Damn! Thanks to Night Rider and the Muddy Cup for putting that all together. Big thanks to Don Eberg for putting on a great race and for keeping the WORS series up and running. It is too bad more people didn't do the stage race. I would have but didn't get my bike back until Saturday afternoon. Oh well, at least it works. -Ian

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samo said...

Hey, did you see me go O.T.B in the mud hole at the end of lap 1 just before we go around the short track,to start another lap in the XC race at the WORS Cup.I thought you were just behind me.