Saturday, September 30, 2006

I've been working on the Railroad...a bit too much

I can't race, I won't race.........I should be racing. Besides riding junk miles and having fun, I have also been working maybe a bit too much. I still have that craving to race but I just could not get the ambition this morning to drive three hours to the Blockhouse Roll. They put on a great race but I am a bit too drained for the drive, not the race. Sorry Eppens, you'll have to get your winter squirrel stash of Nature Valley Granola Bars at another time. Come up to Winona and ride the "Zinger." I'll even house you guys.
So, I won't go race but that isn't even as bad as not getting into the Iceman. Sure, I just got on that after it has already been filled up since January. I don't blame the guy for not letting me in but I was trying to play that card anyhow.
Woops, it is that weekend. Sure, the Sheboygan race is next weekend and I am scheduled for work the entire weekend. First off, I plain forgot. Second, it is Homecoming weekend for Winona State University which means that the place of my employment is going to get rocked and I should be working. Crap! While I absolutely love the Sheboygan course and the race in general it is a race that I probably can't win. That is not a negative statement by any means. The course just doesn't suit my style. It is fun as hell though. I could top five but probably no "W's" for me. That course has found me burned out by season's end last year, a spectator crashing me on the steep downhill in back two-years ago that destroyed my rear deraileur, and putting a small fracture on the top of my right pelvic bone, and just not on absolute top form ever. It is Fall.....I don't work so good, and my bike feels the same. However, this year I feel great, the bike is healthy again, and I am stuck slinging drinks in order for fat American's to get even fatter topped off with some stupidity. Funny, I want to do something healthy and competitive but cannot due to someone's quest for drunkeness. "You might be a true American if......(fill in the blank)
The following weekend I will make my first stab at 'cross racing. NO LAUGHING AT ME DAMMIT! I'll figure it out through trial and error. A lot of error I am sure. I have my two PVC practice barrier built and have been working on that. Trip, crash, foot-stuck-in-the-pedals, can't-find-my-pedal-again. Ya, I have seen it all already. That is why we practice.
Man, the coffee shop I am in is playing Zepplin which is making my coffee experience even that much more better. Whoa, Beatles. Now we are doing really good. Ciao -Ian

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