Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Time to make the switch

What is the switch? That is when you clean up all the bike stuff in the "bike room", pack the summer cycling clothing and bring out the heavy duty wear, and Ebay everything else. I built some training barriers so I can work out mounting and dismounting, running, and trying to not look like a fool for my first cross race in a couple weekends from now. This next weekend is the Blockhouse Roll so I will most likely make the drive down there. I have been working a lot too trying to build up the coffers for that "rainy day" that always appears when you are straight-up broke. I drove up to the Cities last Sunday to work out some new plans for the team next year. I like what I see and hear from the guys and it looks like we all have the same vision of where we want to take this next. The nice thing is that we have options too.
I have been able to ride very little over the few days due to work. In some ways in was like a forced rest and I think my body responded to it pretty good. Today is a few hours easy and then it is back to one last grind for fitness.
Great job by Tristan and Doug on the results of their first 'cross campaign. Check out www.dougswanson.blogspot.com and www.tristanschouten.blogspot.com for their most recent updates. I am just trying to learn how to cross a barrier. If you ever watch Doug Swanson do it then you will know how it is suppose to be done. Smoothly. And bunny hopping them? Forget it. I suck at that. Tristan could bunny hop over a security fence if he ever had to escape from prison, and never need to look back. He is like a 'cross cricket of something. Later -Ian

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How was the Tool concert....no review on it.