Monday, September 18, 2006

Too tired for any podium steps

The face tells the story. Chequamegon was a toughy this year. Fast! I got started off with some slipped pedals in front of me on the start, getting caught behind a seriously sketchy pack rider down mainstreet. I also got checked over the median onto the 77 but managed to get to the other side of it. I lost about 50 positions and was forced to chase back on to the front by blazing through the headwind.
We hit Rosie's and I was dying. The wind took too much out of me. Still, I managed to dig deep and get in the chase. I had to cross a few groups, get a great push from Bill Stolte, and dig. I reached Doug's group but was too far back. I saw Doug looking back a few times so I knew what was next. Doug put in the fatal attack and I was 10 riders too deep.
My chase group consisted of Tristan, Matter, Phillips, Peariso, Waite, Hall, TJ, Sova, and a couple others. Once we hit the Telemark trails it was down to Tristan, Matter, TJ, Hall, and myself. I tried to set a harder tempo through that section but Hall put in a harder one. Hall looked good. I couldn't hold on and Hall got away. Coming into the last climb we came upon T-Brown. Matter took the flier and took up fourth. TJ and I came into the bowl together. I took a wide line in the second-to-last turn and got ahead of him. But, I screwed up. I took the inside line in the last turn and ended up in too much sand. I spun out countless times in the spring and realized that I was in the wrong spot. So, I break my streak of 4ths and take 7th.
I wasn't here to race for anything but a podium. In the end I drilled it down the gravel road on Telemark property with nothing else to lose. I think we could have caught the leaders. Could of, should of, would of. Yep.
The Fuel worked great. It worked like it should. I picked up some spinach in the cassette early on and suffered from some sort of E-Coli cassette sickness. After that cleared out I was fine.
Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and cheers. Fellow racers for "keeping it real" and the guys at Trek for making my bike work. I will win one of these eventually.
Great job to Doug. He won, he knows it. A slip in the much needed realm of luck was all it was.
Next up. Junk miles and a small break along with some "into to cross" training for me. I am working alot too so races will be whenever I can. Whew, I am tired. I hope I didn't bore you too much. If I think of more I will let you know.

Yep, I am in the "hurt box." Thanks

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Anonymous said...

Nice job Ian, I'll trade your 7th for my placing anyday. Happy the bike worked for ya...there's always next year.