Sunday, September 10, 2006

Winter already?

Wow, one week I am sweating my ass off and the next week I am digging out the leg warmers. The weather has changed and I hope we are not bypassing the Fall season. Anyway, perfect weather for those infamous nighttime fall mountain bike rides. However, sometimes you run into little trail critters who don't want to move. This Racoon was like a troll guarding his bridge. He wouldn't move. I had to bump him with my front wheel and follow him 100 feet down the trail before he dived off into the woods. Of course, with the Fall comes the slower ticker-down in riding time. Less time on the bike means more time working. Work has been busy and it is wearing me out. I am going to take a few days off before Chequamegon so that I am not totally torn down.
Jesus, what am I doing? Yes, I purchased a 'cross bike. Next week will be some training time dedicated to figuring out this whole barrier thing. I have never raced cross before so I am not expecting much other than getting worked over. Still, I need to make this season last longer so that my winter time is spent in the weightroom. Since I am not going to snowbird it to Boulder or Tucson I have to manage the seasons. The cross bike should work great for some winter "freezing my ass off" rides.

Team? I am sticking it out with Nature Valley. We have decided to redesign the team, seek out some new sposnorship along with Nature Valley, bring in some new fresh riders, redirect the team focus, and continue on. It will be rough at first but this is a great opportunity for me to work with some of the younger riders and to teach them the ropes that I know about racing at some of the larger races in the nation. The team has the opportunity to nurture some young talent and I think that is a great opportunity for everyone involved. Don't expect fireworks from us next year but we are coming back even stronger in time.
Watching the about the Vuelta is just not as exciting as watching it. Man, we need some cycling T.V.
Well, a rest week ahead and I am damn happy about that. Working on the mountain bike to be sure the tools are sharp and ready. Talk soon and happy trails! -Ian


Matt said...

Yo...either you an enormous bike or a really small couch.

Ian Stanford said...

Ya, I think I bought the wrong frame size. The 200 cm frame size barely fits through the door.