Sunday, October 22, 2006

First Cross race complete

Well, hopefully I didn't produce too many laughs during my first attempt at cross racing. Today, I dragged myself out of bed after a long Saturday to get up to Minneapolis for the Mill City CX race. Damn, it was cold and windy. I guess that is a good way to get my introduction to CX out of the way.
I started near the rear and weaved my way up until getting caught behind some dude who crashed in front of me attempting to dismount for the first barrier section. Well Hell, if he can go down I don't have to worry about it anymore. We all fall down right?
My mishaps were small. I tripped on a dismount for some steps tearing the new thermal tights already, had one bad remount where I almost did the sterilizer on the rear tire, and I mis-stepped the final barrier once but didn't go down. On the grassy downhil with three laps to go I hit something hard that made some sort of snapping sound on my bike. I had to stop to check that out for sure. Apparently, I hit something that a lot of riders hit and my bars slipped in the stem causing them to drop. Still, better safe than sorry.
It was all a pretty cool scene. I have not done one ounce of intensity since Chequamegon so I was satisified with that I did have even though Hareland and Bjorn blew by me near the end. Freak'in fast dudes. Placing? No idea. I split to get warmed up at a local Caribou. Pumpkin Spice bread is out by the way. Go get some. That is 'cross food for sure.
All in all I accomplished what I set out to do. Have fun, and fun I had. Next weekend should provide the same.
Thanks for all the support by those who came up to me today. It eased the nerves. And thanks for keeping the laughter to yourselves. That helped the nerves too. Ciao -Ian

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