Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How do you winterize?

Wow, I have been busy preparing for next season before this season is really done. Personally, I am done but I am still going to hit a few cross races to drag my fitness a little further into the season. This way I can hit the weightroom right in the core of the coldest part of winter. See, I am a cold weather wuss so I have to strategically build a plan for my first winter in 7-years in Minnesota. It goes kinda like this.
1. Stop eating so damn much. Yes, winter is cold but I have got to stop putting on this "winter layer."
2. Work more to get more money for when I work less and have less money. i.e: the racing season.
3. Work a reasonable amount so that when I do finally get back on the bike I won't be required to put on training wheels.
4. Work out the revamped team plan. A lot of things changing fast and I am busy trying to work it all out. If it works how I would like to see it work it will be beyond cool. In fact, it will be super cool.
5. stop tripping on the practice barriers.
6. Set up my fluid/roller trainer room. Well, actually just finish it. Since I am going to live in their for a few months I better make it homely.
7. I have strategically been not seeing movies at the movie theater since June. More DVD'S for me to pedal and sweat through.
8. Drink more water. Since I moved back from Colorado I have been drinking less. Back onto the H2O program.
9. Crap, I just got called into work. Man, it is 10:47 Pm! See, this is what I am talking about..............wait........oh, I'm cool. Don't have to go now.
10. Turn off my cellphone more. Seriously, the people at work are going to wear it out.
11. Figure out a place to bail to for two-weeks this winter. Maui? Tucson? Boulder? San Diego? Austin TX? Somewhere.
12. Get rid of all these granola bars. (see plan #1). Man, I am like a squirrel with these things. I need the Eppens to pass through to relieve me of some of my stash.
13. Watch more comedy. I go through "seasonal change disorder" about this time of the yea. I do, its real so I need to laugh. More Mitch Hedburg for me. I am watching Cobert right now, and South Park tomorrow, and maybe I'll cruise the local Walmart tomorrow for some more laughter. There are some funny ass people roaming around there.
14. Stay in love with cycling. Well, that is the easy one isn't it?
Well, that is all I can think of. I should have some good pictures of my "trainer room" soon. A Culligan water cooler would really pimp that out. Especially one with the little coned cup dispenser. I could ride the fluid trainer for three hours and be surrounded by thousands of those little cups.
Until then next time enjoy your rides, your off time, your sleep, and definitely your beer. I Have been waiting for that one.........crap, goto plan # 1 again. Moderation! -Ian


Anonymous said...

Yup...it's the inside training program coming up....actually I'm trying to be out as much as I can over the winter. Jesse's going to show me up over the winter and get my ass moving for next year...still trying to get out your way for some riding.

bgavic said...

yo man.

im down for heading down south. lets hit up my new teammates down in NC.
new years til the 20th??? Mountains. Honkies. Good Times.

I'll call ya.