Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tool show was a no-show

So, some have asked, "How was that Tool show that you were so damned excited about?" Well, here is how it went down. Tool was touring in the South and Maynard got himself sick. He got himself a bit healthier though and was able to sing the Mpls and Chicago shows, but then got sick again. This time his doctor told him, "Maynard, no more singing there my man." Maynard, cherishing his God-gifted vocal abilities decided to high-tail it to Florida to escape the cold air that had encased the Midwest region. That decision then led to the cancellation of the Madison show at the Kohl Center. That has left me without Tool and waiting for my refund. The date is not going to be made-up. They are off to Europe again for a couple months, but may play a small Springtime tour of the U.S. I will be there! "Foot in mouth and head up ass now what ya talk'in 'bout." Ciao -Ian

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Anonymous said...

I'll be up there late October if the bike doesn't sell, or I get my new one.