Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ankle Biter

Ouch! Well, Saturday was the Minnesota State CX race. For some reason the little intervals I have been doing paid off a bit to get me a 5th place. Of course, Bjorn, Doug, and Aric would be flying so I found myself riding back and forth with Harry Andersen. I think both of us were after Aric since he had fallen off the lead group, but we never got him. Four laps to go I opened up a gap on Harry on the stairs and tried to open it up more. I came into the stream bottom muddy crossing pretty fast but in control. As I was preparing to dismount my right cleat got stuck in the pedal. Since my body was already committed to dismounting I crashed freak'in hard. As I gathered my senses on the ground Harry blew by and I was forced to mentally and physically get back in the game. However, my right ankle was super tweaked and hurt like hell. Three laps of pain for sure. I just couldn't get the power up any longer with one leg essentially out of the equation. Harry got away and I settled for 5th. Last night my ankle swelled up beautifully. It came down a bit today but I can barely walk.......and I have to work a bartender.......and no one will work for me.......I am screwed.
Well, maybe that was a sign or maybe it was a confirmation. GET OFF THE BIKE NOW! And so it is. My season is done. I am off the bike for the next few weeks. I will pedal lightly on the fluid trainer this week just to get the ankle moving again and to regain its range of motion, but no more training or racing. Iowa City was calling but not anymore. You have to end a season at some point.

While it was cold in Minneapolis for the State CX race Winona was getting dumped on. I left the day before the race through snow and crappy roads. I got to Jesse's with a van that looked like it had been to hell and back. Had this snow made it to the Twin Cities the cross race would have been brutal. Instead, it was cold, I was wired from Jesse's crazy coffee making expertise, and I was just looking for one thing out of the race.......some fun. If I got anything from cross racing this year it was having fun. Congrats to Bjorn on the win. He is a cross maniac. Big congrats to Doug on his second MN State title.

Whew, now what? End-of the-year review once I have settled enough to think about it.

Bad new from Tom "Thor" Zirbel out of Boulder. Masa Grill has closed. That just leaves the big three: Chipotle, Qdoba, and Illegal Pete's.

I will have a good blog about the season as a whole and what I am up to next soon enough. I have some ice cream and beer consumption to catch up on before the weightroom and next season begins to call. Ciao -Ian


Donut said...

HaHa, you have a cankle. Too bad you missed out on the shenanigans at Geno's.

Sean Noonan said...

Good job at the State champs---happy to see you made up for the flat in Northfield.

I posted a response to your comment on my blog. I appreciate the discussion.