Monday, November 13, 2006

Coming Along Just Nicely!

Well, the ankle has taken on a new, deep shade of violent violet. The swelling has come down a bit to be replaced with a more colorful palate. Now I can actually see the pain. "Richard, do you see anything on my face because it hurts right here." Nope, ship shape" "Thats odd because it doesn't hurt so much here or right here, but more right here." "My God what happened to your face" " See Richard, I told you." The range of motion has increased at least 12%. At that rate I should actually be able to bend the ankle a noticeable degree very soon! Until then,
ice cream.......check
beer......check, check
I guess the off season is going pretty well. Enjoy it while it last I say. It all ends too soon and then we are back to the typical monk-like habits that make us cyclists.
Back to ice and elevate. Ciao -Ian
P.S. That was from Tommy Boy by the way


Eric O. said...

You did put the chicken wings in after you wrote that,right?

Anonymous said...

you have kankles!!!!