Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Belated Halloween!

Yep, that is about how active I have been on the old Blog lately. Halloween was spent carving some pumpkins. I keep the basic face profile. Nothing fancy but the typical triangulated eyes and nose. Teeth? Depends if it is English or American. We have Floride.
Anyway, not much new other than digging out the Ebay stash to pay off the summer's bills. Cycling is somewhat of an investment. You pile money into all this stuff and hope to make a profit in about 6-months. Of course, the profit has already been spent on gas, crappy food, Clif Bars, and other countless and useless crap you buy while out on the road. (100 mile ride through the LaSalles........Priceless). Basically, if you break even you are ahead of the game.
A lot of time spent now deciding what to do next season. Options and decisions. Not a bad situation. I have been trying to follow Sager's situation. Funny how the known clean guys get tweaked on technicalities. I bring that up because I have left races before without checking the doping control list. Why? I can only find the damn sheet half the time. It is like "hide and go seek" with that list. If you don't put on some survival gear and set out for that "lost treasure" known as the doping list you may just get pegged. Meanwhile, the injectors, the transfusors, and the pill popping cyclists simple shrug it off and say, "I'll see you at the next race." Wonderful. Time for some change folks.
Cross has been funny and a learning experience for me. I have to admit I made an "old person" mistake a couple of weeks ago. I thought the Nature Valley cross race was in Rochester. So, I timed it out, piled in the gear, and made the fairly short drive to Rochester. Got there, nobody else there. Oh crap. I call up Doug and he says it is at Como Park in St. Paul. Man, I am not even 35 yet. I know, I know, they make medications for this. No worries. I had things to get done in Rochester anyway since Winona is a retail letdown. I still got back to Winona in time for a 3-hour epic on Holzinger.
I hit St. Olaf last week and I will say this. How do some of you maintain power so late into the season. Well, with Doug, Dan, Jesse, and Bjorn ripping up Colorado we were left with a small field. Micah, Dewey, and.......Eppen? Who? Yep, the stylish Iowan made his appearance too. We took off on a rough grassy course that had this long run-up and some twisty ass corkscrew, pinwheel, oompa loompa spiral section that seriously got you sea sick. Engineering degree for sure with that designer. I was able to get away with the guys who I figured would get away only to flat with 6-laps to go. Me, being so prepared for cross this season had no wheels in the pit. Not that I don't have spare wheels, I just don't have the tires. Still, it was fun and some nice weather to boot.
I invested in some Tufo tubular/clinchers now. Hopefully that will help and I can throw a set of wheels in the pit too. This weekend is looking sloppy cold for the Minnesota State CX. Doug and Bjorn should be battling for that even if Bjorn is a Wisconsinite. I am just looking to get through with no mechanicals, 10 toes and 10 fingers, and bronchitis-free. And lets not even get started on the post race events. Ciao -Ian

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