Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A lot of work

Hard work is hard work, a lot of work. Gonna work until the work'ins done. Whew, I swear that clocks go slow at my place of employment. Someday I will look back at all that time lost serving others their glutenous food and drink and wonder, "Whatelse could I have been doing?"
The ankle has finally healed enough to put some watts on it so a week of Muscle Tension Intervals for it before the 10-week weightroom gig. Yoga again too. Right on. Find your flow.
So where am I riding next year? Well, I will be riding with the Abercrombie and Fitch Pro Development Cycling Team ( While we are trying to get U.S. Continental Status I will be racing as an Elite rider. Face it, at 34 my age doesn't help with the UCI requirements. Had I been named to the UCI squad I would have been out of here and in Tucson already. Chad Thompson is running the show at Inferno and has the same goals in creating a team as I do. With that said, I am also coming in as a staff rider and will help pursue more sponsorship for a team filled with up and coming talent. 2008 may be my suit and tie year in cycling. So be it then. With big support out of Masi (, SRAM, Rudy Project, Spinergy, Canari, Abercrombie and Fitch, and many others we will be fine.
On the mountain side of things I am going to keep it local and ride with the newly forming Muddy Cup crew. Good friends and good riders. What else can be said for mountain biking. That is what it is all about. I plan to still do some national events but also plan to stay away from the NORBA Marathons. Too short for my style. Next year it is the 100's for sure.
Everyone is moving around and it has been fun to watch who will be wearing their enemies uniforms next year.
Well, back to the creation of the presentations. Best of luck to you and happy holidays to all! Ciao -Ian


jsager said...

marathons too short? Ouch.

Ian Stanford said...

Oh my man. Remember the 81 mile marathon at the Nova course two years ago. I cried like a little baby the last three miles because everything hurt so bad. Eatough told me he was crying too so it wasn't so bad. But that was a marathon. I need the distance because you fast guys kill me in the first 30 miles. I float you an email. I need a wristband man. Your case p#$$es me off man.