Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Chatter in the air

Well, I have been freezing here in Minnesota and yet the weather has been fairly mild. How bad has it been for me? Well, besides my bouts with the coffee addiction and simply my overall freezing issues I decided to go get my heater fixed on my van. After the mechanic searched high and low for the solution to my supposed not-working-heater I was given this for an answer: "Your heater is just fine. It was putting out 140 degrees on high." Hmmm, is it that bad?
I guess I will have to work it out and become a bit more of a man for the next few months.
Congratulations to Tom "Thor" Zirbel for being named the "God of Thunder" for 2006 by Velo News. Not sure if that was a category until Tom came onto the scene, but it definitely is now.
Christmas flew by me like Tom in a time trial and I had to celebrate it with four different segments of my family. Now, I am broke, own a new juicer, have two cards for massages, have plently of credit at the local co-op, got some nutrition, and I am ready for the New Year.
Next week is cleaning up the old bikes to put up for sale, order up some new stuff, and plan out the next season. January 6th the 2007 Abercrombie and Fitch Team meets up for the first time in Colombus, Ohio for some bonding and getting-to-know one another. Should be fun and a welcomed change. Weightroom has been chill and has only turned into a need for more Ipod space. Yep, I am working my way through winter. I will survive. All while Boulder continues to shovel out. Ciao -Ian

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