Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn, and syrup. Well, I have been unbalanced in my consumption of the "4 major food groups." I plowed through a few candy canes today. Not those crappy fruit flavored ones either. The only true candy cane is a peppermint one, and those small ones too.
While it is snowing in Minneapolis, dumping in Boulder, and even snowing in my "soon-to-retreat-to" destination of Austin, TX. I am currently surrending and dealing with the pain of hypertrophy in the weightroom. I finally have reached the point where the Hanz's and Franz's are leaving me alone and letting me do my cycling thing. While they are walking around smack talking their weight lifting accomplishments, flexing in front of mirrors, and trying to figure out if the growth hormones are taking effect, I am just blaring some Pantera in the Ipod and getting done what needs to get done. Yoga has been going much better this year which means something must be working. The intensity will pick up after the Holidays and the new season will be screeching towards us.
Tristan kicked ass in the cross series this year and is in the batters box as to whether he is going to Worlds or not as a discretionary pick. Lets hope so. If he does we need to come together to get the funding for him. "Hey, USA Cycling! Take him!" Best of luck Tristan.
Of course, Bjorn is going. Maybe this time he can take it.
Well, I am tired, work has been drilling me, and the Holidays have been taxing. Happy Holidays to you all! See you around this next season. Ciao -Ian


Eric O. said...

Are the toys for all the kiddies wrapped in educational instruction sheets like last year?

Ian Stanford said...

Hey, those were Shimano components instructions. Those are educational. This year it is some sweet Pokeman paper. Happy Holidays!

Thor said...

don't get too huge in the weightroom this year - you don't want to go for a sprint next spring and snap your bars like twig...

good call on the Ghostbusters hotel - I knew it reminded me of something!

Happy Christmas/Hanukka/Santa Clause/present-buying-commercialization/Time-o-Reflection!