Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Ride Outside

Wow, December and I have been having some enjoyable time out on the bike.....outside. How can this be? Minnesota, Winter, December, frostbite. Well, not over the past few days but I am sure the blizzard days are soon to come.
Not much new to report on the homefront. Working some new wheel deals for 2007 and starting to look at the race calendar a little closer. There is some travel in there but it should all be well worth it. I am trying to eye up the bike for next year and the Titus is looking pretty nice. We'll see.
I started the weightroom gig with all the Hanz's and Franz's stomping around the area. I guess I need to get a Gold's Gym shirt and some Zubaas to get fit in. Really, a cyclist in a weightroom is a bit funny looking until you push 350 lbs on the calf machine. That stops them.
Yoga has been kicking my ass and I am pretty sure that Vinyasa Flow yoga should not. My body is more tight than I thought. Add the bum ankle and it is more of a struggle. The strength is just not up in the ankle yet but it will be soon.
Yoga classes can be very distracting. Thanks ladies. It only helps more when I am usually the only dude there.
Good luck to Tom "Thor" Zirbel in Moscow. He will show the Russians what power is all about in cycling. I want to see rainbows on that jersey when you get back. When you win I will come out to Boulder for the party. Tear it up my man. Ciao -Ian


Anonymous said...

It's going to be wierd not seeing you on a Trek....good luck with the new ventures for next season, I'll be watching to see how you fair.

Ian Stanford said...

It's going to feel wierd.