Friday, January 26, 2007

It's a "numbers" game

Well, I am sure you all have heard by now that someone won the $240 million Powerball in Missouri. And, if you know where I live (ie:Minnesota), you will know that I did not win. If I did win I would get a massage everyday. Straight up, you could take care of yourself pretty well.
Today was a nice two hour ride outside. I dragged the camera along to show you what Minnesota looks like during the "Hoth" months. Even the "Mighty Mississippi" gets put in his place by Old Man Winter. Don't be fooled though, the current under that ice will suck you away. You will be in New Orleans in no time.
Our bike path may be crappy but it is sure scenic. I live behind that big rock on the hill. Long ago that thing was a quarry that got carved out leaving Sugarloaf in its wake. Hey, we have hills too.
Yes, we still play hockey on lakes. Lets just see the Phoenix Coyotes pull that off. Or you, our old Dallas ( Minnesota North) Stars. No worries Dallas, we are just fine with the Wild.
It is strange. I am out riding my bike and these guys sit around, drill a hole, and try to fake out the fish to bite for it for hours on end. It is like sitting on a big ice cube and expecting to be comfortable. There just has to be alcohol involved. There just has to be.
That is it. Not much new other than playing the Ebay dump off to scratch up some funds for the new wheels and mountain bike. Oh ya, the bills too. Hope all is well. Ciao -Ian
Check out Tristan's adventures at The man is have an epic adventure in the weather-friendly country of Belgium. Donate to the cause folks because this journey isn't cheap.
Congrats to Ross Schnell. Big times now. He deserves it.

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