Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Team finally meets

Well, this past weekend brought the 2007 Abercrombie and Fitch Pro Development Team together for the first time. Saturday, after a long mofo drive we made it to the Abercrombie and Fitch campus just outside of Colombus, Ohio. This place is something else and I wished I worked there. Cool buildings, cool concepts, cool landscaping, and cool people. Since it was a Saturday it was quiet, but come Monday comes the ladies. I'll be back.
Afterwards we all headed over to John Sada's estate. This place is absolutely beautiful, and John and his family were the ever grateful hosts. Food, beer, and some serious ping pong took place. This picture is the upstairs loft in his garage. See the T.V screens in the backround? Yep, three plasmas hooked up to three CompuTrainers. Pimp. This guy loves cycling. Everything in the garage was cycling and he blared Pantera and Metallica while we mingled. Super pimp. John is the blue shirt showing Marco where it is at in the world of the pong.
Funny thing. After this incriminating photo of Bennett and Brandon riding a green John Deere with matching green Heineken bottles my camera went dead. It was a good thing too because the John Deere would soon be gone but not those abundant green Heineken bottles. The team downtown was complete craziness.
Oh ya, John cooked us pizzas in his personal wood-fired pizza oven. Again, pretty freak'in pimp.
So, afterthoughts? What a team. Seriously, I looked around the table at Abercrombie and simply smiled. These guys are all on it. This is going to be a serious season for all. The motivation already for me has got me jumping. Big thanks to Chad Thompson and family for bringing this all together, Abercrombie for believing in our cause, John Sada for being a stud, and to the team for being exactly that already, a team. Ciao -Ian

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That Gavic picture reminds me of the grocery cart picture.