Friday, January 12, 2007

The wonderful world of HED wheels

Well, finally I found myself the time to visit the company that undeniably makes the best wheels on the market. HED wheels out of Shoreview, MN. ("Dino" showing a fraction of the inventory) As I pictured it, HED is a small building with a few shop areas. A few offices up front where you can find Steve and his wife, along with "Dino" and 'Timmer" hard at work. Throw on the wheel builders, the shippers, and a few more office people you find one hell of a crew of wheel guru's. There were wheels laying all over the place. It was a cyclist's dream.
Now, what would a trip to HED be without getting a aero fit done? Yes, yes, yes, I know I am losing the hair. Man, I just hit 35 years old a few days ago. Give the elderly a break. It is a guaranteed weightloss program.

If you are going to get an aero fit then get it done right. Steve was more than cool enough to give me 30 minutes of his time to get a few things tweaked in there for me. I promised to buy some HED TT bars. The new ones are beyond stealth.
Steve is big in the angle of the sternum relative to the top tube. My back is somewhat jacked so I have a natural "Lance" curve. This requires a helmet that will mast into the gap behind my neck.
My 8 pak abs were pre-determined to be flat. Oh wait, that is too squisky to be muscle. My mistake. I need to lay off a few things. When it was all said and done I had a relatively new position. It is comfortable, definitely more aero, and confirmed with Steve Hed's mark-of-approval and experience. Cool Beans.

Big thanks to Steve and Anne, Chris Edin, Tim Mulrooney, and the entire crew at HED. They make the fastest, most tech wheels and aero products on the market, and they love their work. Check them out!


Rich H said...

OOH i see that funky hed wheel with the hub disc in the back ground!! Need some pics and background on that

Eric O. said...

Great place and they are so laid back aren't they? My house is within 4-5 spud gun shots from their front door.Its a great place to go if your infatuated with carbon fiber

Kyia said...

Ian-thanks for the info on the fit, too bad I am no longer in AZ. I'm back at school here in St. Cloud, one inch of snow on the ground, so I guess mtn biking it is!! Have fun in the sun! Thanks for your help. Hey, I made 7 days without coffee, I gave in on the drive to AZ. 30 hrs in the car gets boring. I enjoy the ups and downs coffee brings!