Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The wonders of work

If you have seen the movie "Waiting" then you have had an up close and personal look into my living hell. Yes, the place I call "work."
It is a land of disgruntled workers and ticked off customers. The world of restaurants is a sociological turmoil processing through all the different available levels of chaos and disorder. Food servers can never be happy. Sure, they may look like they are when they arrive at your table but those are just the good actors, the true veterans of the profession. The true server shows the "real" side of themselves behind closed doors and walls. It's acting folks. They want to make money so they perform for you. You want the show so we give it. But, when in back.....well, they hate making desserts too. "Damn sundaes! Freak'in another refill. What the?"
Management can only do so much to cool the herd down. A food server in their zone places a protective layer around themselves. A shield or cloak or some device that makes apparent that they are in control and that they know what they are doing. In truth, their mind has turned into a blur-producing, thought-erasing, pile of negativity.
And the cooks.....Oh man. See, they are in their own arena of trenches. Far separated from the food-serving battle going on over in the front-of-the-house battlefields, cooks are in the rear with the gear. They look out for themselves, hate having to actually cook, and would prefer to just take an 8-hour break from their eight-hour shift. Smoke breaks turn rapidly into smoke shifts.
Tips. Perhaps they were once customary, but much like chivalry they have faded and are nearly dead. Tips are the true indicator as to how the U.S. economy is really doing. With that in mind, the economy sucks.
Luckily, where I work I don't have to deal with the rules of the "batwing, the brain or the goat." But trust me, it is going on somewhere. Training in new employees is like trying to get a first grader to understand trig. Not going to happen. So, after the standard few days of training are done you simply throw they to the wolves to see how they make out. Those who are knocked down, bloodied, missing teeth, yet still stand up for more.......well, you are who I am looking for. Because everyday I see someone in food and beverage throw their tail between their legs and run. It is a land of quiters. Well, good for you.
So, unless you have ever worked in the bar and restaurant you have no idea what a hell that job is for your next server. It sucks but we do it. We talk nice to you, we trim our finger nails, we bring you food (often more than you need, but you eat it anyhow), we refill your Cokes 15 times over an hour (can you say diabetes?) and we almost reach the point of shinning your shoes. We are servers, not servants. Treat us well because most likely we don't come to your workplace to push you around.
Well, the weather has been numbling warm at a waking temperature of 8 degrees. Luckily, it is going to cool off this weekend to show us some numbers with a (-) behind them. Example: -11
I need to get out of here. I am freezing and losing my mind not being on the bike long. Rollers, fluid trainer, the local YMCA trainers. Good for a week but then the mind goes. Team camp in Georgia is coming soon. I can't wait. New rides, warmer weathers, new duds, and incredible teammates. Should be a good one. Ciao -Ian

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Anonymous said...

Lets get out of town. This winter crap sucks. A few more weeks and I am gonna be working on my tan lines.