Sunday, February 11, 2007

Come on winter be over

Well, I am getting low on my winter squirrel supply of granola bars so it is time to step outside. Wait, it is still 5 below. Soon though. No Nature Valley bars to see me through this year but plenty of Clif Bars instead. My friendly training tools have been at war with me ever since the temperatures dropped. Mr. Rollers has been getting the super workout. Yes, that is as close as my cat will ever get to these things. Devastating effects otherwise.
My fluid trainer resistance wheel actually has a small groove in it from wear. And yes, my pajamas have little M&M snowmen on them. (Product Placement)
The TT bike is coming along. I go to the Cities this next week to pick-up the new wheels. I have to finalize the position of the bars, cut the rest of the steertube off, and go fast. I will have some new SRAM Force components to put on yet as well.
"Ah, teamwork. Nice to see." I am sure everyone has had the thought in their head by season's end, but it was just a thought. Well, here is that thought come to reality. Pretty lame on one side, pretty damn funny on the other. I guess we know why one has the Rainbows and the other has the whipping boy team kit on.
Next reports come straight out of Georgia. Finally warmth....but maybe some rain. A&F Team camp is finally around the corner. Ciao -Ian


iruntheteam said...

No granola?!!!! We need some for camp!!!!!! So, get on it I-man.
And, it will be a shame that the 2 P3s (Andy's and Rich's) along with your super-Hed can't be used! Ha! Nope, you will be sporting the Masi Coltello Aero. Sweet!


SickBoy said...

SRAM has bar-end shifters? why didn't someone tell me this before...

Kyia said...

Enjoy the sun and the long miles...I am starting to hate MN and some other things. It must be the weather!

Ian Stanford said...

first off, I have a case of granola bars left for next week. Second, SRAM has them coming soon. We should be riding them fairly soon. Until then it is Shimano. Thirdly, rain or shine I am riding a lot down there. I am going to have to bring my lights