Monday, February 19, 2007

Georgia on my mind

Finally, we have made it to Georgia. We are hiding out North of Macon in Milledgeville awaiting the official start of camp. Temps are in the 50's today but climbing into the 70's by weeks end.
We took off from Winona a few days ago, picked Frankie up in Madison, picked B-Gavic up in Milwaukee, cruised to Indy to pick up Bennett, and then went to Columbus, Ohio to pick up the new bikes. A day and a half in snow covered, unplowed roads Columbus, we hightailed it out at night through a snowstorm to Knoxville all the time leaving the ditches filled with flipped and spunout cars. Horrible driving. A little Minnesota driving skills can go a long way.
Bikes are pretty dialed in but I am heading out with a pile of tools, cloth measuring tape, and a marker for 100 miles of love today. The Masi's are pretty sweet and Thomson gave us a sweet hook-up on some nice stems and seatposts. Top that off with the flashy kits and we are styling. Photos to come.
We all sat around last night and watched the Tour of Cali. Pretty sweet time trial. Nice to see an upcoming face in the limelight. Good ride by Jason Donald. However, Levi is looking pretty damn fit. Looks like a sweet race and I am envious. Watch Thor in his first big race. He has the power to go with the right group.
Tomorrow we head to Macon to team up with the rest of the team for 4-days of bonding. Busy times ahead. Ciao -Ian

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