Thursday, February 22, 2007

We are staying next to Hooters. A good thing for an all-male cycling team eh? Well, Starbucks is close by too which is good for any cycling team. Our first day here left us riding in a downpour for 2 1/2 hours. Warm rain is nice and it breaks everything in. This new Yahoo Blogger is messing with my picks. So, this is Gavic modeling the new kit and bike. Turn your face downward and to the left for the true visual effect.
Ah yes, the new ride. I am digging it while trying to adjust to the new Wobblenaught fit and SRAM Force gruppo. The Masi frameset is plain sick. No offense to my last bike sponsor company but this bike is the business. It is snappy, sprints like a crazy mofo, and climbs on its own. Seriously. Thanks Tim Jackson at Masi for the hook-ups! Wish you were here.
Yep, turn your head again or proceed to the next photo.
The rides. Looking pretty good. A few missing but you get the just of it.
Today was 4-hour of riding in 72-75 degree sunny weather. Tomorrow it will be a bit cooler for the 5-6 hour ride. Rides have been fully supported by team staff and the crew from Thomson. Well, that was brief and to the point. I need to go check out the Amgen Tour of Cali for some GC placings. Ciao and good rides! -Ian

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Eric O. said...

Enjoy the weather over there, Winona just got 30" of snow this weekend.