Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sick and tired

Literally. After my near death experience last week I was able to get out the next day for a nice hard effort 4-hour ride. Unfortantely I had to then proceed to work where I got slammed for 7 hours of pure chaos. No worries through, I got done at midnight....and......then.....oh man, the dishwashers hadn't finished dishes. One of them got injured or something and had to leave early so who did dishes from midnight until 3am? Yep, me. And who's body finally said enough is enough the next day? Yep, me again. Good guess. Now I have spent the past three beautiful days literally in bed wondering if a direct impact from a metorite would feel better. Conclusion? Yep. Today is the first day that my body hasn't been fevering. To say the least this puts a bit of a damper on my target start of the season. But if there is one thing I have learned in this sport you have to roll with the punches and not to rush to the good things. There is no catching up, only re-adjusting. Luckily, I had a couple of sneezes today so that is a great sign of the coming end of this dreaded illness. I can only assume that too much stress on the bike and at work put on top of nearly dying finally cashed me in.
And what did I get done in this free time? Nothing. I slept, I moaned, I prayed to God, and tryied anything to escape the moment. I saw the Gophers almost lose the Airforce, I saw my hometown D-II B-Ball team get schooled at the buzzer for the Nats, and then watch some stuff about A-10 Warthogs, a bit of Miss America, some "Dirty Jobs," and hours of the Headline News rotation. And I prayed.
The only nice things was seeing that Dave Parrett at Thomson hooked me up with some seatposts and stems to finish off the rest of my bikes. In case you don't already know this Thomson rocks and always has. Put in the Dave factor and you have one seriously cool company.
Ya, I got my cat outside too. I figure this is his version of a "bike ride." At least someone is getting something done. This photo was a few weeks back in the snow. Today it was back to chasing fat little "just-out-of-hibernation" mice from the landscaping. Redneck update. Nothing. The old local police department could give a rats ass. I guess it comes as no surprise. Still, be very very quiet I'm hunting Rednecks. We'll find ya, get er done! Ciao -Ian


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