Friday, March 02, 2007

The Snoweth has Cometh

Well, I missed it while in Georgia but it would stand to reason that another storm was close behind. So, when the bike can't come out and play I head to the snowshoe workout. Trust me, doing two hours in deep fresh snow going uphill on snowshoes will leave you blasted. The drive over to Holzinger was sloppy but the old Montana was up for it. Now, you just simply climb up through the woods and get purposely lost for a few hours.
It is when you are out in the snow covered woods like this that you realize the value of silence. All you hear is the snow, your breathing, and the sounds of winter. No Ipods, no cellphones, no people following along whining about the snow, and how hard this is, and "I am freezing." Just you and Nature working out your differences and similarities.
But, then you have to come home and go to work to find crap like this going on. Well, we were replacing it this spring anyway so now our insurance can pick up a little of the costs.
and of course, the Studs. Meet the damage plan that we call the A & F Pro Developement Cycling Team.
Back into the snow tomorrow. Ciao -Ian


Eric O. said...

Snowshoeing,I believe, has the highest "slowest pace to highest intensity" ratio. You go like two mph and the heart rate is 170.

Thor said...

Nice kits! Those things are a bit sexy I'm not afraid to say. When does the road season begin for ya'll?

Anonymous said...

I am about to shoot myself due to all this snow. I have stopped watching the weather. Luckily, due to all this, I will be goin' real good round november.

Just kidding... But seriously, its gotta stop.