Monday, March 19, 2007

A thought better saved for a journal

Maybe the title best puts the experience I had on the road today. But, I still have to put it out there and because I am still experiencing the experience.
I went out for a few hours today with another local rider, Jens Brabbit. We quickly hightailed out of Minnesota and snaked our way through the crazy roads of Wisconsin. Coming back the road that goes into Minnesota via the interstate bridge we had a 4-door car pull up to us. As expected the fingers flew and the profanity rained down on our ears. But it went on too long. I flew the finger and said, "get the f$%# out of here." They took off with fingers still flying. About a mile down the road they turned into a Fish and Wildlife refuge parking area. Halfway there ourselves I told Jens to watch out for some stupid ambush. As we got close to the turn into the parking lot the car came up and the driver got out. He chased both Jens and I out into the oncoming lane while yelling, "I am going to kill you!" A couple of race specific moves and we were out of there. We got onto the small bridge that has a barriered wall on the oncoming side of the road. I turned too late to get on it and I though Jens had made it over, but we were both on the shoulder of the other side of the bridge. I heard the car squeal out and the roar of it coming from behind. I looked back briefly to see Jens, the car coming over both lanes and onto the shoulder, and no way out. I looked back foward and heard Jens yell out, "Watch out Ian!" What could I do? I heard the car roar up behind me. What can you do? I loosened my grip on the bars, thought to myself "no way," and closed my eyes ready for it to happen. I thought that was it right there, on the opposite shoulder from the flow of traffic on a bridge into Minnesota on March 19th, 2007 at around 6:02pm, I was going to die.
We joke about it all the time. "I almost died, we could have died, man this, man that." No, I almost died. I give it a flip of the coin at best for my odds.
The car came by at a speed that Jens and I figure to be around 80 mph. Jens figured he was within 6-inches of plowing me over. Luckily, years of dealing with this dumbness has taught me to get a license plate. Remember the moment. Well, I got that piece of crap's license plate. I got his car, its contents, his plate, his description, State of orgin, and we took that 3-minutes later right to the Police station.
Now what? We wait and hope this this mofo gets caught. I will pursue this one until he does. I almost died today, no exaggerations, this crap out on the road has got to stop. I can assure you, someone is going to get killed.
Be safe out there guys and gals. Put that helmet on and be sure to say, "I love you" to your loved ones when you pedal out that door. Why? because it can be just that much closer than it was to me today and it is all done.
I am still trying to capture my thoughts prior to the car's arrival. I know I am still shaking. I know I am drawing blanks on this one. Was this guy crazy enough to do it? Had I met a guy who was crazy enough to do it? A lot of thoughts going through your head at a million miles per hour...........Damn man, why? -Ian


iruntheteam said...

People like that just do not deserve the air we breathe. You were not wearing the new team kit with it's sponsors on it, of course. Right? Be cause fingers and curse words do not go with the camo . . you know? Really, though, I am glad you are alright. Now stop cursing!


Anonymous said...

Thats the way those young immature kids are.They have to show off to all their friends in the car and bikers are the most vulnerable.They know they have the upper hand and want to show everyone that they can lift their leg the highest. I hear Pearl Izumi and Smith & Wesson are working on a new Jersey called the "quick draw".Yes, it does come in urban camo

Brandon said...

That was actually me. I just got my new dually and im selling my bike. GO diesel or go home!


AdamB said...

Good for you. I hope you get that stack of crap.

I heard that with a license plate number you an get a home address, too.

rruffrruff said...

A bike rider out on the road is at the bottom of the food chain... easy prey for cowards looking for a fight. Glad you are ok. Whenever this happens to me, I just ignore them completely... like pretend they aren't there. They soon get bored and leave. If you show any hostility, then a fight is on... and you are on your bike and they are piloting a few tons of metal.

Anonymous said...

Assault occurs when the defendant's acts intentionally cause the victim's reasonable apprehension of immediate harmful or offensive contact.

This is a general definition. It may differ in Wisconsin as compared to Minnesota very slighty. Note that physical contact is not an element of the definition.

You might consider dropping a couple hundred to consult an attorney. Many initial consults are free. Your description fits "resonable apprehension" to a tee.

This has got to stop.

Ian Stanford said...

Also knows as the "mental requirment." (mens rea) Understand the police department I am working with. They wouldn't even send an officer out to talk to me. I had to answer an office phone and do the interview through that. Yes, I thought I was going to die. No B.S. I went to school for this stuff and the WPD handled very unprofessionally. When I was living in Colorado the CSP would get on that type of problem immediately. In the future I will contact the Minnesota State Patrol for some professionalism.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ian: from the sounds of it, the orginal event happened in WI, so maybe you should stop bashing your local PD and put the blame where it belongs. on you. The way I see it, you were heckled, big fucking deal. You responded with with a non-verbal jesture which shows immaturity and a lack of profesionalism. I am sure your team sponsors would be proud of your response. On the second part of your blog, if you handle all episodes of a little heckling the same way you did this, maybe you should continue to be a bartender and not enter the field of LE, since dipshits like you would give the men and women of that field a bad name. grow up and stop harrassing assholes. move on.....

Mike said...

Wow, someone is little holier-than-thou!

I'm sure you're the same type who would say a woman raped was "asking for it."

What if the guy skipped the harrasing part and went directly for the hit & run? Is that the proper time to react?