Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well, what should I talk about?

O.k. Training has been going as good as you can expect it to in March in Minnesota. The weather has become my friend a little bit so I have been getting some good solid rides in. What else? Gave up my GM job at work to become the Assistant GM. Too much stress at work was no good on the bike. Balance! Ya got to have some balance in life.
Other than that, nothing. I am sitting here building my race schedule and watching Casino. "For now on I want an equal amount of blueberries in each muffin." The days of Tucson. A room full of bikes and passer-by's.
The top of Mt. Lemmon. Brandon and Jesse after Hot chocolate, hot soup, hot coffee, hot heaters, and anything to warm up from the climb up out of the sands and cactus into the snows and the pines.
Durango. Man, I have got to get back. The Animas looking good on a Spring day.
Or maybe the seas around Key West need to fall under my eyes again. I am sure that they need too soon or at least some ocean or sea somewhere.
Or maybe it is just time to come back. Time will tell. Best rides to you all! -Ian


Donut said...

What happened to the kid on the Salsa? Is he still racing juniors?

Anonymous said...

Is the picture of all of the bikes taken in the guest bedroom where Sager was staying?

jaco said...

quoted from the "junior" kid (who is sitting on the couch drinking a beer dictating this), "eat my taint rients"

Ian Stanford said...

The kid on the Salsa? Ya, I think he still races Juniors so that he can feel fast. Either that or he can be slightly seen screeching down the road in urban camo.
Yes, indeed this is where Sager hid out while in Tucson that winter.

Brandon said...

Dude... i was riding through the hood and i was sitting at a stop light... i took my helmet off to adjust my hat.... and dude was like-

"shizzz man... i didn't see you until you took off the helmet."

Urban camo works.

Brandon said...

do you guys like bikes?

-cable guy