Sunday, April 29, 2007

Congrats to Mark Hekman!

Teammate Mark Hekman pulled of the huge win last night at the Athens Twilight by getting into a break lapping the field. This is a huge win for the team but even a bigger win for Mark. Conrats man! Kenwoods was the big bust for me. My caption was,"Bad luck, good timing." Somehow I picked up a safety pin in my rear tire. I thought I heard something clicking through the seatstay around the first corner but pretty much diregarded it. Further down the road it felt like I was working awfully hard. I looked at my tire several times but it appeared fine. Finally, I dropped to the back to look closer. I bounced on my saddle and sure enough the tire buldged. A slow leak. No wheel car, and luckily a little S-10 Blazer stopped with a tube and floor pump. Plus, a piece of the pin was stuck over the first three cogs of my cassette. While this all may sound like some bad luck, and it is, I was getting ready to blow most likely anyhow. Another hard week, and the last before Joe Martin, has left my legs like logs. Anyway, I turned around, did some intervals, went back to the car, took a nap, and went home to do some more hill repeats. I had to get the work done.
How did the race go on? Doug won over Timmer in a two man break. They both rode incredibly strong. Timmer looks really good this year. Doug always looks good so that goes without saying.
Today, off to Iowa. Cool, more photos of Hekman's conqueing win soon! -Ian


AdamB said...

bummer. same thing happened to me last year.

SickBoy said...

was wondering what happened to you after I got a chance to look around on the first lap.... sucks, hopefully Old Cap went better.

Anonymous said...

fyi..3 man break..Doig was in it also..

Ian Stanford said...

My bad. On that note Doig has been riding very strong this year too!