Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Durand windstorm

Yep, it was windy. And in my delusional wind-blown-out-constant-interval state of mind I am pretty sure I saw the Emerald City or maybe it was the writing on the wall. Either way, it was your typical early spring windstorm of a race.
As I shook and blew the tactical cobwebs out of my mind I watched as GP took control of the lead echelon. Dealing with a very ill-shifting bike it was going to be a sufferfest. A bad start left me trying to fight my way up through the gutter. By the end of the last lap I was able to go with a small break but it was quickly countered by the eventual winning break. This left me with really nothing more to do than try to get across a couple of times. When that failed I just tried to get a workout in.
I am not worried about April races. I am looking down and training for down the road. All last week I was hitting it hard all the way up to Durand. A week of intervals followed by a race of intervals usually will wear a person out.
After the race I discovered a huge burr on my big chainring. That in turn had jacked up my chain, warped the chainring, and made for the bad shifting I was having. I see a job for the Dremel. Another good reason to play with that thing.
The race? Doug won. He has a good race report at www.dougswanson.blogspot.com Check that out for the "up front" view.
This week is Kenwoods in Minnesota followed by the Capitol Crit. in Iowa. Then the rest begins for JoMa and 3-Peaks. And yes, it is still windy here. I am off to see the Wizard! -Ciao -Ian

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Brandon said...

Mine did the same thing at camp... broke my chain. filed her right off. You should do the walmart rental plan on a dremel like i did.