Monday, April 16, 2007

Mondays are getting lame

This recent crap at Virginia Tech only continues this odd streak that I have been having at work. For the past 4 mondays I have come into work, turned on the news, and have had to listen about some shooting. Today was over the top. While I may have studied Criminology for four years and still study it on my own to this day I am left as clueless and angered as you. My prayers are seriously with those who lost loved ones today due to such a senseless and selfish act. once again took some great shots of the recent Oxbow. Who knows where this photo is but by the looks of Greg and my face it must be at the top of some steep ass hill.
Hmmm. I seemed to have had these jerseys all around me on Saturday, and I sense this will dictate my season on the local scene. I am going to have to start inviting my teammates up to Minnesota. Brian is an ox. We can just call him the "Magnus of Minnesota."
That is not a smile. Trust me, not-a-smile.

I predicted it so I win. I picked Stuey for my win for Roubaix and he took it like a man. Sneak attack to finish solo in the velodrome with "Hollywood's" banner flying above him. Who was more sneaky, O'Grady or Hollywood? You decide. See if you can find "Hollywood's" banner in the Roubaix finishing photos. Hint: It is everywhere. And you know it. I am quickly recruiting people to hit Ticket Master for me this Saturday while I am racing to score the much anticipated Tool tickets for St. Paul. A couple days after the NVGP. What a perfect break. If I miss this one who knows when they will tour again. No one buys tickets until I have my floor seats! Got it? I am serious now.
Big congrats to my teammate Mr. Mark Hekman on his 6th place at the NRC in Jacksonville this past weekend. That is a big result for the only elite rider in the 6-man breakaway.
Worked out on the TT bike today. O.k, here is the deal. Steve Hed is the guru of aero fits. My new set up is so freak'in fast and tight...........damn.
Next up? Durand. I plan on training through it as well much like I did Oxbow. I need to breakdown a few more times so working hard up to these races is the plan.


Thor said...

Wow! Those are some hot kits...

In response to your comment - 7 kilos in 3.5 weeks, how do you think the f$%#in burritos have been?!!? at least I'm in damage control and am going the other direction now. ah, the minor setbacks of food therapy...

Eric O. said...

In case you didn't know,I saw your picture in the latest "Bicycling" magazine. The whole A&F team actually