Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oxbow and 2007 a go

Well, I guess the season has more or less started. Today was the Oxbow, which is a Roubaix styled race. As you can see, I scored some photos from Cyclingnews of the course. Man, that looks like the Arenberg, anyway The cat 1/2 field was renamed the Grandstay field since the made up most of the riders. If you are familiar with racing and how things "go" then you know that this is a problem that creates bad odds for everyone else. Still, this is a training race and I needed a workout. We hit the infamous steep climb where Doug, Greg Brandt, and myself got to the top first. Doug took the coffee climbing prime and will be living in a caffiene induced haze for the next month or so. We opened a small gap only to get reeled back in. I tried to open it up on a gravel downhill section but the Grandstay Army chased me quickly. One of their riders took a flier and I didn't go. I didn't realize until nearly the end of the lap that I had let Dan Casper go. He is a ITT machine. Since no one else really ever came to the front to help I just sat up there like a dumb ox and set tempo while Grandstay planned there next flier.
I am not sure, are those Paris Roubaix cobbles? I might have the wrong photos. Hmmm

Things stayed together for the most part and Dan was up by a few minutes. I was able to reel back about a minute and a half midway through the third lap when Dougo flew the coop. I chased him down but he did it again after I had set more tempo on some of the longer climbs. This time it was a big "nope" in getting him. In the end I was fifth. Casper cramped on the climb to the finish and Doug passed him for the win but not before checking with Casper first. Come one, they are teammates. That was a cool move. Grandstay went 1-2-3 with Danno taking third. I got boxed out at the bottom of the climb so I was fairly screwed for anything better than fifth. I should have took the inside line. Dammit all. Stupid, stupid, stupid (please picture me beating my head on the side of my desk). It was a fun race and incredible training. Tomorrow is 4-hours of pounding the climbs out around Winona and Fountain City in the Mississippi River Valley. I will be trying desperately to avoid any redneck entanglements.

Oh ya, there is my Blackberry. That must be Oxbow cobbles except for the it was all gravel. The bike took a few good dings but that is what is called "racing." And hell no, I don't own a Blackberry. Have you seen my ancient cellphone. Does the job though

It was cool to see the most of the Minnesota crew again. Everyone is looking good, healthy, and happy. See, it is because of these guys that I keep racing. They are my opponents on the road but they are also my brotherhood. It is just racing. Thanks guys for always keeping it real!

(all photos are clearly from the Paris Roubaix and are absurb at that) It's on tomorrow!