Friday, April 27, 2007

Stand By- Space Bar broken

Well, not quite but getting there. The space bar on my laptop is dying. Perhaps I need to type longer words that can cover the meaning of entire sentence. Since I went to public school I don't know of such a word. Until then, a couple folded over straws jammed under the bar seem to work pretty well. Ghetto? Heck ya. Genious? Not too sure but I am still pleased with the surprising results. It works..... ....or does it? Look at this poor fools Dell computer. It looks like the fire is coming out of........Oh my God........The Space Bar. If that's the case then I will start using another key in between words. Something like; I'mracingthisweekeninwindyoldCannonfallsandthendrivingtoIowaforacrit. I don't know, that is hard. I used the (+) sign so that you could add that all up.
My bike works now so I can't possibly use that excuse this weekend. It's all me now baby.
Hey, go check out Yep, a fellow/past Midwest racer. I raced with him out at Altoona a couple of years ago and run in to him from time to time. Pretty funny dude who is now sponsored by Beer. Wow, that is living the dream. Ciao -Ian

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