Thursday, April 05, 2007

They eat healthy too!?

All these years of cycling have taught me the vital importance of eating good, healthy food. So, you can imagine my surprise when I found this bag of grapes at the local store. I guess in between a few Busch Lights and a couple sticks of Slim Jims NASCAR fans like grapes. Who knew? I figured Dole would do better with a cyclist, but there are a lot of NASCAR fans. Man, "Junior" needs a win bad. Anyway, the grapes were great. I bought a new toy. Can you guess what it is?
Hell ya, it is a skateboard. I had to go back to some old retro graphics especially because this board has the original Powell Peralta dragon. New shape, old graphics. Threw some Indy's on with some Ratbones wheels. Back to my roots. I guess it is nice to look at it as staying young as you grow older. For me, it is transportation now. Maybe the park in due time.
Next weekend we have our local Roubaix style race. I have been working a lot on intervals of all sorts. This off season has been brutal on me along with the weather. Top that off with the recent illness and I know what my workload is going to entail. April is to build form for May and June. Anyway, the Oxbow is a fun race and has this nutty steep climb in it. I mean, you could break your cranks off or snap a chain trying to get up this thing. Or maybe, blow up a lung or two.
Big congrats to longtime friends John and Jen Brill on their first and new baby girl. The years will only get that much better for you all.
No word on my car incident but I did have another one. I was biking down a main street here in Winona when a car blew the side street stop sign and almost slammed me. I BMX'ed a stop and yelled "Hey!" I got going again and heard the dude yell something at me. Whatever. I got down to my landlord's to pay rent when that car drove by me. The driver stuck his middle finger up and yell some obsenities to me. I just yelled back, "All you had to do was stop." Somehow my having the right-a-way and following the law was my fault. I am pretty sick of all of this but maybe it is due to it being Spring. Either way, I have not been feeling to comfortable out on the open road. Something isn't right.
Congrats to Mike Phillips and Chris Peariso on the 1-2 in the semi-pro stage race at Nova.
I can tell you the weather sure isn't right. 20's and 40 mph winds. Enough Mom Nature. Give me Spring! Be safe out there! Ciao -Ian


Eric O. said...

Here's a guy that flipped the coin and got tails
I feel bad for him. What I thought was mind boggling is the fact that some people just kept on driving by without helping and even ran over his bike some more.Whats up with that?

Matt said...

Hey Ian, thanks for the good wishes, maybe I'll run into you out there somewhere. Good luck with the racing this year. Still goign to miss you on a Trek.