Monday, April 30, 2007

"Who is your Daddy?"

That big "red head" is. Again, Mark pulled off the huge upset at Athens Twilight. Those white and red stars on his collar and sleeves are highly likely to get some blue in them this year yet. If you don't think this guy has some power you had to see his CompuTrainer power file numbers over the 6K qualifier. Ya, move over Hincapie. (Scan down to read article)

Old Capitol Crit. went fairly well for me. After Jensen got off all I could do was get set in the chase group. My rider error with 3 to go was getting boxed in behind Brice Mead on the climb. An attack went and I couldn't get around. I sprinted and ended up 9th. It should have been 2nd or 3rd. My fault. The climb was not even much of a factor, it was the larger teams. Great course, great race, good riders, good spectator turnout. Not the 30,000 Mark had at Athens but good.
The Masi 3VC is a bullet of a crit. bike. Mark definitely had a good advantage on that.
Rest week coming soon before Joe Martin and Tri-Peaks. I thought it would never come. Ciao -Ian

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AdamB said...

Nice job Mark!! I didn't realize what an awesome upset this was until I read (dis)penser's writeup on his blog. I'm happy for the a+f squad and masi bikes.