Friday, May 18, 2007

Antibiotics, knee pain, and 40

Yesterday I was mistaken as to how many people were in the break. I thought we caught them at the bottom of the final climb but that was not the case. In the end, I finished 40th on the stage but should have attacked. I didn't because I thought we had everyone. I did attack at the top but for something that really never existed.
Today, I finished with the lead group for sure with another 40th place. That leaves me in 40th overall with a crit, TT, and a bad ass stage left.
Medical has become the real issue down here for me. I finally decided to get on Doxycycline for the crazy bug bite. I say "bug bite" since I am at 50/50 with doctors as to if it is a spider bite or the feared tick bite.
Today's stage exaggerated a feeling I have been having in my right knee over the past couple of days. After trying to get into a successful early break today my knee started to hurt a bit more. By mile 30 it was getting to the point that it was getting unbearable. I figure now that I must have pulled over to the right side of the road about 15 times getting ready to pull out. But, just when I do the pain goes away. I knew the last 20 miles were downhill so I just needed to get there. I hate dropping out of races so I had to finish, but keeping an eye on the well-being of the knee. It is a bike fit issue that has obviously been brought up by the extended length of the climbs in the race. I haven't trained for longer climbs so it was a problem that could not be discovered. Tonight was dedicated to reworking the bike set up and rechecking angles, lengths, and general positioning. As with all fits there is a little customization that comes into play due to old injuries and other oddities. Regardless, if you have never had a bike fit get one. Our team uses the Wobble-Naught fit.
Now the question. Do I start tomorrow? We'll see. I am not going to chance injury to my knee to finish any race. If it starts acting up during my warm-up for the crit or in the crit I am done. That sucks because my form is absolutley incredible right now. Today's 102.5 mountain stage didn't even phase me. Plus, I am looking forward to the Time Trial here tomorrow night. But, if it is not meant to be it. Regardless, I am in a rest block after this race and healing what damage there already is to my knee. No matter what though, this race is beautiful and I have enjoyed it so far. Ciao -Ian

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