Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back in Minnesota

Whoa, people can drive here. People moves with a little speed. I must not be in Arkansas anymore. Hey, no offense to you Arkansawians. You have some beautiful mountains and activties to go along with them. It is just that some of you should use them more.
Well, after making the drive back I am unpacking from the two-weeks of being gone while packing to move into my new apartment. Too fun.
Add in the bruised up left knee from the final stage crash at Tri-peaks along with my already sore right knee and I should be moving into a nursing home instead of an apartment.
Today is also fix-up-bike-day. New bar tap to replace the torn up stuff, straighten up the right SRAM lever that took a licking on the Arkansas pavement.....and survived with flying colors mind you, and another new chain
A picture of a tire? Ah yes. The Abercrombie & Fitch Pro Development Team rolls on Kenda Tires (www.kendausa.com) While every company makes a gazillion models I pretty much did the Kenda Kriterium. Tough, rides great, and I don't have to battle it to get it on a rim. Kenda has also just introduced their new top-of-the-line Konstrictor road tire but I have not tried one yet. To say the least, the Kriterium survived the glass covered, chip-sealed roads of Arkansas. O.k, maybe not the pot hole on stage one at Joe Martin but nothing was going to survive that Hole to China. I am glad I still even have front wheel from that one. The rest of the week is resting, moving, healing, and not going to Quad Cities. I need a break, albeit a small one, but a break none the less. Ciao -Ian

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