Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blogg'in, stage one, and bug bites

Well, I am just sitting here after a shorter stage at Tri-Peaks writing some stuff on the blog. Today has been dedicated to coming to a conclusion on what to do on the bug bite I have encountered. I have talked to the race doctor, who feels it is a spider bite, and will talk to him again tomorrow. I talked to our Abercrombie & Fitch Team Doctor, Jason Brayley, who met me in the middle with the "better safe than sorry" and suggested getting on an antibiotic. My personal doctor suggests getting on Doxycycline and has already made a prescription for me to call in tomorrow after the race. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I will talk to the race doctor about it and probably get the prescription called in tomorrow after the race. Hopefully this stuff doesn't mess me up to much, but Lymes disease would be far worse. Ironically, after the stage today I found a Lone Star Woodtick on my jacket. They are known Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever carriers in the Arkansas area. Damn, they are after me!
Today's finish started with a 12 mile drop into the Petit Jean Valley before circling Mt. Magazine to climb up the backside. I came into the last 3K with the leaders, made a counter move on a Mercy rider with 2K to go, and got caught with 1K to go. Oh well, I made a stab at the stage and it failed. Still, I have a good GC time.

The view from "The Lodge" at the top of Mt. Magazine was incredible. Top it off with wonderful temps and weather......I just wanted to stay up there. It was a great stage and the 15 mile climb to the line was wonderful. This race has been less stressful because I don't know the course and I have been dealing with the massive issue of the bug bite. It is funny because the doctors ask me if my body is sore? Of course it is. I just got done with the Joe Martin Stage Race and climbing for 15 miles. It is pretty hard to diagnose this with the race going on. Am I tired? yep. Am I sore? yep. Does my heart rate change? yep. It goes on and on and on. So, I figure 14 days on the antibiotic will be the way to go.

Now, is Floyd a simple moron? Come on. This is like a soap opera. For once I am siding with LeMond on this one.

102.5 mountain stage tomorrow. I love it! Ciao -Ian

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