Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boy, I am a Moron!

O.k, picture this. Twenty minutes left in a crit. and you get stuck behind a crash through a quick left/right turn that is caused by two dumb-asses who don't know how to corner. They crash hard but you stay up as you get redirected to the curb and have to stop. What do you do? Well, most people would say, "Take a free lap of course." Sounds like good sense. What does Ian do? He blows by the pit and chases. Freak'in brilliant. Ya, go chase a field being led out by Health Net, Jelly Belly, and Toyota-United. To say the least I ended up getting a pro-rated time. That is my most "rookie" move of the past few years.
Knee? Holding up. I brought my saddle height up a bit and that appears to help. It is still sore but rideable, without causing damage of course.
Tonight is the Time Trial. I did bringing out the TT rig plus we have our fly Abercrombie & Fitch Pro Devo longsleeve skinsuits by Canari.
Speaking about our Canari kits. Henk Vogels himself gave me the "thumbs up" on our kits. Yesterday he rode up next to me and said, "Those are some pretty flashy kits. They are pretty cool." And yes he was serious. I told him people keeping trying to run me over when I am in urban environments. He said, "They must be drunk." I told him that makes sense since it usually happens when I am in Wisconsin.
Well, no more blogging from here unless my knee comes to full life and I leave Baldwin behind me by a minute tonight. Most important, I am still in the race. Fitness is great but just a bit of bad luck and moron mistakes like today's. Racing is a never ending learning process. Ciao -Ian

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Jake said...

I did the exact same thing in Nature Valley a couple of years ago. I track standed for a bit, picked my way through the crash, then tried to chase the filed down. Needless to say, I didn't catch them.