Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gifts of the Mountain type

Finally, I got the new rig from Titus. A little bit heavier than the last Fuel but a beautiful and quality frame all the same. I can't find a flaw on it. A lot of quality control is definitely done by Titus. There is also this box of stealthy good that say XTR. Man, this stuff looks sharp and it is finished with a flawless look. Plus, it works.
And wheels. American Classic gave our mountain bike team, Muddy Cup Racing, a sweet hook-up on wheels. Now all I need is a freak'in fork. Any leads out there? Help a brother out. Big thanks to Chris Peariso for putting this all together.
Today was the Charity TT and boy was it windy. I saw people attempting to ride discs, wear TT helmets, and pushing tri-spokes through it all. Simple fact is that is was a dangerous time trial for many. You had to keep your crap together at all times. Mother Nature was the dictator today. It was by far the windiest ITT I have ever done. In the end I pulled out the win. It was a short 7-mile course and I had something like a 14:40 in the wind. Stinger 50's were the call of the day and stay in the drops as much as possible. I got held up at the turn around by a slow car but otherwise it was literally, smooth sailing. I love the new position and that deserves a big thanks to Steve Hed for putting it together.
Tomorrow is an easy ride, pack, study up on the Joe Martin course, get together with my team for logistics, and buy all those little things us midwesterners can't find in Arkansas. Plus, someone to watch my cat. Any takers?
Super big congrats continues for my teammate, Mark Hekman, on winning not only the Athens Twilight, but also the entire South East Crit. Series Overall! Great work by the entire Abercrombie and Fitch squad down there. This is a huge achievement by the riders and an incredible push for the entire Abercrombie and Fitch Pro Development Team. Mark is now officially one of the "big boys." Ciao -Ian

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Eric O. said...

remember to keep those directions for Christmas. Nice bike, whens your first dirt race?