Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Mark and Mean Cars

The Perks of winning Athens Twilight! Sure beats that medal from the local showdown
The winning team (Rich Harper, Jim Baldesare, Mark Hekman, Marco Aledia, Neil Coleman, and the midwest's own Frankie Dierking on the camera). Apparently, Frankie couldn't find one of the 30,000 fans to hold the camera. I never thought Frankie to be camera shy.
Unfortunately, the Old Capitol Crit. did not turn into a win but we had people splashing water on us instead of the Athens Twilight beer soaking.
Teammate Ryan Gamm met the fate of Bike vs. Car recently. He is alive and resting, and is still looking for some Joe Martin action. However, his current team machine will not be making the trip. As you know, cars have been after me all year and this is what I am furiously trying to avoid. The key to it all is that he walked away from it. Get well Gammer! The Abercrombie and Fitch Pro Development Team's sponsors are helping out big time on getting everything Ryan needs to get a new ride up and running. Check us out at www.infernoracing.org

Ciao -Ian


Brandon said...

Ian... you always look way to happy when your going hard... something is wrong with you. haha.

Ian Stanford said...

I am smiling because my legs finally work. Or, is that a smile of pain?

Anonymous said...

I broke my bike too. Crazy. I didn't know Jim Baldasare was riding with you. He's a great friend from my graduate school days at Kent. Tell him you for me. I'd love to catch up with him. BTW, Jim can beat anyone armwrestling.

Ian Stanford said...

I am guessing this is Brian K? If so, I just saw the pics of your bike. Hmmmm. Maybe the name does stand up to "crackandfail." Either that or it is being that you are the "Magnus of Minnesota." They don't design a frame for that kind of power output.