Saturday, May 05, 2007

Screw the Drive

Well, I didn't make the drive to Marty, MN today for the Gluek RR. After hitting in the directions to Mapquest I was answered with a 220 mile drive. Something about 440 miles, a $10.00 late fee, and wasting all day in a car before the trip to Arkansas just didn't appeal to me. O.K, o.k, enough on the "late fee" topics. Here is the deal. Some of us don't know if we can race 2 weeks out. Simple as that. So punish us. I understand the "clerical clarities" by pre-registering but $10.00 per rider is being paid handsomly. I will do the clerical work if I get $10.00 per rider. Really, biking past the local gas station is starting to hurt. With the National Calendar in regards to my race schedule starting it is going to hurt the pocket book big time. So be it I guess.
Hell ya I got them. Man, did you even have to ask? Right now I am listening to my dubbed "Year Zero" by NIN. Good stuff and purely political. Apparently, Trent Reznor does not like, I repeat, does not like George W. Bush. Can you blame him? (oh great, I have typed words that have set off some Homeland Security trigger in some mainframe computer in D.C.) Big Brother is watching. Oh well, he doesn't have Tool tickets!
Shhhh. If you know who's frame this is do not respond in the comment box. When riding a frame you really do not want this to happen. BK, easy boy. You have to much power. Spin a bit.

Charity TT tomorrow. I have no disc or TT helmet but with 25-35mph winds expected I am not sure how much it is going to matter. I am just doing it because it is the same distance as the Tri-Peaks ITT. Good training. I will have a disc on Monday and Rudy TT helmet by weeks end. Trust me, the TT get-up will be flying when it really needs to be.

All the NORBA mountain goats are racing in Fontana this weekend. Here is the deal. The area smells funny, the course is urban/ghetto, and the trail has so much riding abuse that it is no fun to ride. A little tip for those getting to embark onto this supposed great trail. Ditch your tubeless system and put in some tubes. The deep downhill ruts and the high-side trail angles will burp any tubeless get-up. By lap two you will be going flat. Other than that, enjoy the flour-like dirt. Last year I had a cold for the Marathon and life sucked. Errrrr, that one hurt. Ciao -Ian


Kyia said...

The ruts are even deaper! Tubeless is great, no problems here, only one endo and a really bad race result. Well, not bad for getting a 73rd call up spot! good luck at the TT!!

AdamB said...

I will have a disc on Monday and Rudy TT helmet by weeks end.

Are you saying you will win both events? Awesome!

One down, one to go! Congratulations and good luck!