Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Uh oh!

Charlie Alfa One, we have a situation here, over. (location: center quadricep) Yep, something bit my leg about four days ago and now this is what I have. Are you a doctor? Let me know what you think. I am going to talk to the medical staff at the race tomorrow. Really, I can't do much until I get back to Minnesota next week. It doesn't sting, hurt or itch. I circle it with a pen at night to watch it's growth. It seems not to be getting any bigger but it still is not normal. Spider? Fly? Tick? Who knows.
Tri-Peaks is looking to be tough. I am hearing horror stories about people driving up Mt. Nebo today. It is like the Chilkook for 3. 5 miles. Well, that is Sunday. I have other things to worry about as you can see. Ciao -Ian

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Anonymous said...

Looks similar the rash from lyme disease - might want to check for other symptoms -