Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Up Mt Nebo

Well, those guys at captured me at my worst on Mt. Nebo. (Man, I was sprinting out the final 400 meters). Seriously, I have never sweat so bad. If you watched the YouTube video above you get the point. Remember, 18% average gradient! But here is the deal. I crashed, had to chase the peloton, and still only finished 5 minutes back on the stage. Take out the "chasing" factor and I had a good climb in me. Today I pay. My bad knee caused by whatever has officially shut me down. I will be in passive pedal mode for the rest of the week. While that goes on I am moving as well. Of course, everyone has magically disappeared from around me when it comes times to move. It's magic! So, I limp around with boxes and suck down Aleve. My freezer is working overtime on freezing bags of ice for me. Ah, injuries. They come when you don't want them. Top that off with a head cold, which could be from two weeks of racing or the feared possible tick bite, and I am looking at the antibiotics with some seriousness now.
I am trying to get the mountain bike built up and all I need is a fork. No word from Manitou on that topic so I am ordering a Reba today. I checked with Nick Martin on what he might have access to but he is cleaned out, and Tilford is probably jet-setting around the world somewhere.
Bike frames. Let me tell you. Here is another plug for a sweet sponsor. Masi frames. The Abercrombie and Fitch Pro Devo Team kills it on Masi 3VC carbon HM frames. It is the most reactive frameset I have ever been on, it has a bullet-proof finish, and is flawless. The bike is a crossbreed of a sprinter and a climber. Shortened chainstays with an average length in the top tube gives you a bike that allows you to settle in but jump when you need it to. Plus, Tim Jackson at Masi rules the earth so there are even more plus points to add on. Check them out at or get to your local Masi dealer. And hey, they have a history to them as well. Italia all the way. Ciao -Ian

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