Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where in the heck am I?

I have spent a lot of time in the South before. In fact, I used to come to a military facility in nearby Fort Smith (aka: Fort Chaffee). But Russellville is a very odd town. It is the stereotypical southern city.
We finally gutted the van and settled into a local (somehow still a) Holiday Inn. Laundry, lousy coffee shops, and tire shops that are "out-of-stock" on the car tires I need make up the scene here. The area is powered by one of those high tech smokestacky things. The locals claim the fishing is good and that they are big. I am sure they are.
Just like Boulder Colorado, if you live next to something funky they have to let you know what to do if that funky thing gets extra funky. Hopefully nothing gets too funky with that funky things because I am pretty sure that my car doesn't go that fast. But, just in case, we have the instructions so that we "know what to do in case." I believe you follow "Neil's" plan on the "Young Ones" by placing children's arm floatation's on and hiding under the kitchen table.
The Arkansas River is a bit bigger than the Mississippi where I live. Please tease Greg about his poser Oakleys!
Still, like any great river in the World the scenery is still there.
Tomorrow is registration for Tri-Peaks. My legs are a bit tired but I will open them back up tomorrow. This race has some serious climbing so I am hoping I am up to par for them. I don't know why I wouldn't be. Sure, I don't live in 'climbing central' location like Boulder but I still live in a fairly great climbing area in Winona, MN. I feel strong and the endurance is there so I have two of the key tools in my toolbox for this race. More to come before heading home to work non-stop to defer the costs of this southern venture. Ciao -Ian

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I always prefered Vivian over Neil, maybe it was the punk rocker in me.