Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Go Defense" or whatever you call it

This sticker was outdated so......
I got a new one.
State TT obviously went well. I wasn't sure how the knee was coming along so this would be the test. The course rode opposite as last year with more of a headwind out and a crosswind/tailwind pushing you back up the gradual climb back. I felt rough off the start but talked myself out of that BS and kicked up the cadence a bit. Weeks of listening to the new NIN paid off by filling my head with Trent screaming about something, usually politics. That was good, it kept me from screaming about them. Thanks to the Super Rookie (www.super-rookie.com) for picking my win. Hey, there is always stiff competition. You knew Timmer was going to be there. Dale is the forgotten one but he was on my top three list. Casper? Well, it is Casper. Of course he will be there. If Doug puts one together we can all kiss it good bye. Marcotte put in a good one. So, to say that I don't get a bit nervous a few days out would be a lie. There is a lot of talent in the world of time trial up here. Don't think so? Just look at the times.
Here is a little photo of Winona today as I crossed back into Minnesota from Wisconsin. It is just a little restful Mississippi River town. Ahhhhhh
But it has got climbs. That damned river cut some good land profiles out. This little bastard looks harmless until you round that right corner, and then........

She kicks and kicks again. If you live around here you know what climb this is. Jens? Greg? Pauly? Brone?
Other than killing myself for 4-hours today I have finally got moved in. I knew that after the past weekend of TT action and State crit action I needed to get back to building up for the next block of racing. Training for riding in that Cannon Falls windstorm every year.
I hope everyone is feeling a little better after the State crit. Heal up and let bygones be bygones. Crashes happen. That is crit racing.
On a side note. I rider who I knew and respected a lot from the Boulder area, and had some incredible talent, passed away this past weekend due to an accident. Grayson Pointer is his name. My thoughts are with his family during this incredibly tragic time.
No racing this weekend. Just doing "the work" instead.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Ian! Good to see that the knee isn't taking it's toll.

Lauren said...

Thanks for the mention of Grayson. He is terribly missed here in Colorado and it is nice to hear how many lives he touched both at home and afar.
Lauren Pointer