Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm with Stupid

If you see this billboard around the Minneapolis area then you should be able to find my location with no problem at all. Why am I so stupid? Well, as I hang in there with a "same time" with the rest of the Nature Valley field I do something stupid. Today I missed my time trial start. I though I went out at 11:17 when I actually was suppose to go at 11:07. Snap, I missed my start by nearly 11 minutes. I got on course anyway and laid out a 10 minute flat time which would have been top 20 thus moving me into the top 20. Now, I lay in the back with no hopes of a GC. Rookie error? It is the King of Rookie errors.So now I sit here wanting to punch a wall. I should have double checked my start time. They only had them posted online and had nothing set up at he race to double check them. You would have had to check with the call-up official to find out. It was a pretty miserable set up by the USCF at the race. But it is still my fault either way. Good course though.
Now I have to maintain some sort of mentality for this race. I seriously almost bagged it after this fiasco of a time trial. It really disturbs me especially since I may not do another NVGP again. Maybe it is all a big sign written on the wall. No, not the "I'm with stupid" sign, more like "You came, you saw, and you got conquered." Ah, it was all fun anyway. Ciao -Ian
Back to gluing a new tubular after grinding one up yesterday

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