Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's back, my back

I have a wonderful back. See, I broke the living s#%t out of it back in 1993 and have had to pay the price ever since. So, about two to three times a year I get a week of serious back pain. I am talking about that wincing, grinding teeth, headache, shoot me in the head now I want to die type back pain. Lucky me, it is this week.
Normally, I break out the foam roller, tennis balls, some healing hands, and mental focus. I beefed up the firepower with some Aleve as well. Now, I have to be rid of this crap before the Nature Valley Grand Prix.
Do you remember 2006?

Well, according to we can expect (expect) fair weather through all of next week with temps peaking out at 91 on Stillwater day. Maybe some rain Wednesday for the St. Paul crit. I don't believe it. My prediction is rain on Wednesday, windy as all hell on Thursday, 2-3 feet of snow on Friday, Locusts and frogs falling from the sky on Saturday, and partly sunny to cloudy on Sunday with a chance for afternoon flurries. Sound about right for the NVGP eh?
Hey, can you house us? I have some leads on housing my teammate Frankie and myself but throw me an offer for space if you have it. Otherwise we should have it covered. Just remember to give the guys in the urban A & F camo duds some love in the feedzones. (Love being defined as 16 to 22 oz waterbottles filled with nice cold water).
Well, the knee is healed and the power is up. I purposely stayed away from racing this weekend to give the NVGP a fair chance with me. Last year the racing before the NVGP didn't mesh too well with me.
KaceeJones? How do I know you? Trying to decipher if you are spam or not. What do you all think? Ah, I'll give you my email if you reply to this. And hey, no one else give out my email.
I just got home from work and laid down one of those 2.5 gallon water jugs on the floor. Well, my cat has this fascination with biting plastic and so he decided to give the water jug a whirl. Man, what a surprise he got when he depressurized the bottle and got some water back. He jumped about 30 feet back. Man, how can cats jump backwards?
Well, see you all up in Minneapolis next week. Good luck to the rest of my team at Tour of Ohio, and I hope the A&F guys ripped it up at the AMLI crit. in Austin, TX last night. That is a great race. Ciao -Ian

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